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"Bringing the Bible to Kids in Public 
Schools for more than 30 years"

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BIBLE 2 SCHOOL is a non-profit organization that provides non-denominational Bible classes to kids in Public school. Section 1546 of the Pennsylvania School Code allows children with parental permission to be released from school for religious education. This law allows Bible 2 School to teach the Bible to public school children one hour weekly, during their school day.

"We Value Kids"

  • We believe kids matter to God
  • We believe too many kids today are weighed down by life's problems and feel hopeless.
  • We believe hope and purpose can be restored through life changing truths of the Bible

You are a masterpiece created by God to do His good work!

Did you know:

"Many children today have never heard of Adam and  Eve, Abraham, David, Solomon, Isaiah, or even Jesus Christ."

-by Ken Behnken,
- Center for U.S. Mission

$25 Sponsors 1 child 1 month